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For insurance I also attached a bungie cord from the GPS and my handlebar. Through temperatures ranging from 65F in the east to F in the west and heavy rains in the east to bone dry weather in the west, on pavement smooth as silk to bone jarring cobblestone chunks of concrete, the Garmin Nuvi T GPS performed, and continues to perform, flawlessly. A testament to the quality of the construction of this piece of ‘consumer’ electronics. I did have to reseat the suction cup mount one time in the 7, mile trip and that was after going from a very hot desert environment to a very cool mountain environment. The GPS did not fall off the windshield it just took very little pressure to remove it. The audio volume from the speaker of the Nuvi T was not strong enough to hear with my helmet on let alone when traveling at speed. When compared to the Nuvi T, this GPS has a little larger five inch screen, it has ‘Voice Command’ for voice control and it has the Traffic Information Receiver built into the unit rather than into a rather bulky dual purpose power cable. This unit does not have the bluetooth communications ability to talk directly to the Sena SMH5 headset. If you are interested, some of the technical details on Bluetooth communications can be found in PDF format here. You can read the full article at The Headphone List.

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I was planning on getting the Zumo and the associated Victory mounting harness, but when I heard about the LM, I was intrigued. I was taking a chance twofold. First, unproven technology which is likely to have some bugs. Second, would I be able to wire it up and have it work seamlessly with the factory stereo. Here’s how it all played out along with some pictures of the install The LM just like the mounts to the handlebars using a Ram ball set-up.

Send Nuvi Audio to Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset Recently I finished a 7, mile motorcycle trip down Highway 50 from Ocean City, MD to Sacramento, CA then to Palm Springs, CA and back to Detroit, MI via a southern route using a Garmin Nuvi T GPS for guidance.

You bought and mounted a GPS to help guide you on your trips. Or, you use the GPS on your cell phone to help you find your way. However, in order to follow the GPS, you have to continually take your eyes off the road to look at the tiny screen, trying to guess when it wants you to take that next turn or exit! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hear the GPS talking to you? Plugged into your device, it routes the audio directly into your Goldwing’s intercom system, allowing you to hear the device just as if it were a third passenger talking!

If you are listening to the radio, the radio will mute automatically when the GPS makes an announcement, just as it would if you or a passenger began talking. How does it sound? With its built-in ground loop isolator, you’ll never hear any alternator whine or other interference. It includes a volume control, so that you can set the level of your device to match what you expect to hear on your intercom.

And because it’s a direct, electrical connection, the audio is crystal-clear! Will it work with my GPS?

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Because of this, many riders like using a GPS like with cars, but they present a few unique challenges. Not only that, but driving a motorcycle is much different from driving a car, and the GPS should reflect that. It gives you a steady holder that will keep your smartphone in place, and the Crow Foot has a few additional safety features to ensure it stays in place, but some people might be worried about their smartphone smashing into the street during their ride.

First, open the side arms and place your phone on the main plate.

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This is removed by sliding the bottom edge latch release towards the outer edge, while pulling up gently on an edge of the cover. On my unit however this is easier said than done. With the cover finally popped off, the push-in lithium-ion battery is revealed. A mini-USB port provides data and charging connectivity while a micro-SD media slot is nestled cave-like on the right side wall of the compartment just above the battery contact strip. The GPS antenna is hidden inside the upper right corner of the casing.

Heavy duty describes the integral main harness. It houses four connection leads: Charging is meant to be done via the trickle charge it gets from a USB 2.

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Meaning that it latches on to the chin bar of full-face helmets riders already own. Meaning you don’t have to replace your Batman head gear with a whole new apparatus to be able to keep your eyes on the road and your GPS, your telemetry data, your music playlist, the weather, and notifications that your mom is texting. Don’t you know I’m not supposed to text and ride, Mama?

Best Buy has GPS chargers and AC adapters to maintain the power supply to your navigation system.

A simple ear pad attachment is designed for easy installation in your favorite helmet. Adding this as a stand alone motorcycle helmet music system without the mic is a great option for most bikers that prefer the half helmet style. The only reason you got a bike in the first place is to pick up women, so why spend time yelling at the top of your voice when you can use the Nolan N-Com Bluetooth. The Nolan Bluetooth capabilities enable you to hear her joy mile after mile, take a call, or listen to your favorite songs.

Here is a look at the top 5 bluetooth motorcycle helmet kits for those of you that cannot part with your own lid for a new one. Love the DIY projects? Seriously, this worse case scenario can and most often than not, does happen to cross-country motorcycle riders. And guess who gets to bear the brunt? Not the guy in four wheels, but the hogs on two.

In these situations, one can only wish they had a full-face helmet, or any helmet for that matter. In this article, we are going to be talking about only the best of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets and their accessories, for jamming through those rain storms and on to more sunny roads.

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Feb 06, View Comments by Florian Neuhauser Last summer I needed a motorcycle trailer that is small enough for my Camry to pull, holds one motorcycle, and can be stored in a garage with enough room left for a car and motorcycle. The Stinger trailer is a bare bones, foldable structure that holds anything from a dirt bike to a heavy touring motorcycle.

The powder-coated trailer only weighs pounds and measures The Stinger mounts to your hitch without the ball. I had to remove the ball from my hitch assembly first, and then inserted the trailer into the vacant hole. One brass washer rests between trailer and hitch, and one brass and one steel washer goes between the bottom of the trailer hookup and a nut.

Elevate your off-road and snow experience with the power of Ride Command®. Explore over , miles of trails to find your perfect ride location.

Tilt your device back until it snaps into place and the top of Clean and dry your windshield and the suction cup with a the latch is flat. Remove the device from the motorcycle mount before Press the suction cup to the windshield, and flip the lever connecting a battery charger to your motorcycle. Allows you to select V, or if you have any questions, contact your BMW Motorrad automobile, motorcycle, or off road mode.

If necessary, select a location. If necessary, select the street. If necessary, select the intersection. Finding a City Select Searching Near. To listen to high-quality audio wirelessly, you can Viewing the Next Turn connect to a Bluetooth headset that supports the A2DP profile. Select a saved trip. Planning a Trip to Destination You can use the trip planner to create a trip with a single or Select Go!. Creating a Playlist on a Computer Using your computer and an audio program, create a playlist Converting Units of music files.

Save the playlist or M3U8 file, in the same location as the music files. Sets road features to avoid on a route. Sets the coordinate format and datum used for geographical coordinates.

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The i5 is not currently available in the UK. In our review, we noted that the i5 is very easy to use and would be nearly perfect for motorcycle riding if only it was waterproof and had an external speaker. In the meantime, James Yarwood took on the challenge and adapted his Garmin i3 for an external speaker, which is the subject of this article. I wanted something that was relatively cheap, small, compact and could be easily detached from my bike without fitting additional brackets, and I came up with the Garmin Streetpilot i3.

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The large surface areas go very quickly, and then you get mired in the trim and wood work. When swapping or upgrading components, they often bolt into the Pontiac quite easily; then you end up spending weeks trying to connect something as simple as the power-steering bracket. One area of the Pontiac drivetrain that has advanced dramatically from yesteryear is the automatic transmission. The advent of four-speed overdrive units with advanced electronic controls and lock-up torque converters has been a bonanza for the Pontiac hobbyist who desires a newer gearbox.

The extra gear with a ratio of less than 1: When it comes to installing almost any electronic transmission in an older Pontiac, two obstacles need to be hurdled beyond the physical attachment to the engine and chassis: The GMPP controller we used in our installation makes easy work of operating the transmission, but still leaves you without a speedometer.

A traditional Pontiac has a mechanical, cable-driven speedometer, while the new gearboxes employ a vehicle-speed sensor instead. The electronic sensor sends a signal to the dashboard of a newer Pontiac, and a small electric motor in the instrument cluster speedometer head operates the needle, and if need be, the odometer. For older Pontiacs, the vehicle speed sensor can be a major obstacle if you want to know how fast you are going.

There are two different approaches to address this: Change the tailshaft housing, as we did, to get the stock speedometer to function, or contact Abbott Enterprises, for its innovative Cable X system. This unit is a small electronic device with only three wires to connect: The Cable X box comes equipped with a inch-long speedometer cable, so the box needs to be mounted within that distance from the instrument cluster.

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