‘LHHATLS7’ Recap: Erica Mena’s Thirst For Tommie Is At Peak Levels

Words and music by the team of Richard M. Sherman and Milt Larsen. Milt Larsen is a lyricist, actor, author, entrepreneur and creator of the world famous Magic Castle private club in Hollywood. Cohan and the gay nineties comedy team of Weber and Fields. Richard currently wrote words and music for a new song to accompany the fireworks finale celebrating the Disneyland 60th Anniversary. Their offbeat comedy songs are now available on line. Go to Sherman and Larsen at iTunes or Amazon to enjoy their comedy songs today. Sherman, along with his late brother, Robert B. Sherman, have written more songs for motion pictures than any team in cinematic history.

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Fight Footage — Chrissy vs. Kimbella

She was born on November 8, She holds American nationality. She was born in Bronx, New York. She belongs to Dominican and Puerto Rican ethnic background.

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Retrieved Nov 28 from https: According to the spoiler video of the show that aired after the Jan. Reports indicate that the two ladies were involved in a fling but it has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, Erica seems to be over Rich Dollaz and now moving on with her girlfriend Cyn Santana after he said that the exes were still sleeping around. The report was spilled during Erica’s showcase of her new song, “Dancing All Over The World” when Rich told Santana that he just recently slept with her girlfriend.

During Erica’s showcase, another argument almost ensued between Rashidah and Tahiry after a composed conversation almost ended in a physical fight. Tahiry said sorry for being selfish but Rashidah admitted that she hated the way Joe Budden’s ex exploits her body provocatively through crude videos and magazine shoots. Rashidah needs to understand that. They will also find out whether or not there will be another “Love and Hip Hop New York” season soon. People have to stay tuned and watch to know what really is going on,” Buddafly told http: We are still married.

It is rocky but we are working it out.

Vh1’s “Love and Hip Hop” is changing the LGBT conversation in the black community

Behind all the bling, however, Jennifer supports several charities and even founded Project Save the World to help fight several different causes. Jennifer keeps her friends close and guards them viciously. Jennifer made her mark on the world when she was apart of Basketball Wives Miami. She and Evelyn Lozado were best friends on and after the show.

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The Reunion Part two- Mimi and Joseline still on the same Stevie J bus, Scrappy proposes to Erica and Benzino, Karlie are still irrelevant with the rest of the other timewasters on the cast: I’m just giving my thoughts on the show rather than a step-by-step recount. So there are two main acts and a two side shows. Okay we the side shows first as a warm-up. Kirk and Raheeda Yawn, yawn and more yawn.

This is a nickel and dime act and no one really cares. Did I care that Rasheeda pretended to be a single rapper? Did I care that people asked Kirk whether he hit that? Do I really care about these two people who are very boring and quite irrevalant on the show? So with three big NOs they are out. Beauty and the Beast also known as Bezino and Karlie Redd.

Benzino is wearing shades like he was some shady dude – drug dealer, pimp or covering a bad trip.

‘Love & Hip Hop’ news: Erica Mena surprises Bow Wow with new BMW prior to their lavish wedding

Pedro Cavallo c c anchor Mark Traynor c anchor A little news off the top and then the trou off the bottom. Candace has an affair with Bette. Lisa has an affair with Shane. Married woman Cherie has a fling with Shane. Ivan is a drag king, a woman who lives his life as a man. Cherie’s daughter Clea is struggling to accept her lesbian identity.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the “Love and Hip Hop” star Erica said that she gave too much of her funds and also control to her child’s father, Raul. At the beginning of their endeavor together, Erica thought that Raul was all over her, and it surely was love.

Earning from all of her ventures, she has been able to earn millions. She was the youngest of all her eight siblings and was brought up by her aunt and uncle. Her mother was an extreme drug-abuser, and thus the custody of all her children was given to her sister. Raised up in her hometown, she has had some difficult upbringing because of her mother. Education Completing her primary schooling, she started pursuing a career in medicine field. She attended the Emory University, School of Medicine to attain a degree in medicine.

Although no details on when she graduated exactly are disclosed, it is confirmed that she did attend the University. Career Being engaged to her ex-fiance, popular rapper- Lil Scrappy, she gained fame for appearing along with him in the VH1 reality Tv show. After her appearance on the show, she became well-recognized face although she did not do any more on-screen or cinematic role.

However, gaining fame from the show, she started her clothing and hairline under the name- Klass6. Her clothing line did fairly good in the market making most of the items sold out.

Badu’s Voodoo: Erykah Badu & The Effect She Has On Rappers (Kendrick Too)

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July 30, by HomoCouture. Atlanta finale finally aired tonight at 8pm on VH1. For the record, HC readers, please do not get the wrong idea. But, I really want to see the reunion special because I know it is going to be the best one yet! Furthermore, Kirk came across as a disgusting, trifling and disloyal husband. I hope Rasheeda moves on with her life and excludes him out of it! Joseline proposed to Stevie J while in Puerto Rico shooting her music video.

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She went to get her education from the Southwest State University from where she got graduated. A beautiful blonde Hazel E is now at the age of 35 but she has still managed herself to look young, beautiful as well as hot. As she was born in the month of April, her zodiac sign is Taurus. However, since she is a private person and has shared very less information about herself to the media, it’s not exactly clear where she began her professional career.

Although, we do know that she had begun her journey in to fame at the young at of seventeen.

Erica Mena, a former model who was part of the cast of “Love and Hip Hop New York” for several seasons, and Jessica Dime, who was a supporting player for three previous seasons but gets the big.

I know King will love her just as much as I do. I talked to my mom about her and she is really anxious to meet her. This has been the best time of my life. She has turned me into a completely different person. Her love for me is something I have never experience and I don’t ever want to lose it. We was packing our clothes so we can get to Miami, for her to meet my mom and son. I’m coming, you don’t have to yell. You have been saying you was coming for 30 mins now.

The Murder trial of Casey Anthony: Timeline and Evidence – Updated 10/19/09

While growing up, she adored trend and she began to sketch clothing when she was still just 8 years. She was just 14 years old. She appeared also in video of other musician like Fat Joe and Akon. She shared her dark secret about how her mom had to fight while his dad was into the drugs getting her mom to fight than she should have. The novel is mainly about her life as a kid but she failed to talk about folks she met professionally. He could be an affiliate to Fat Joe and directed distinct videos.

Authors who have written multiple stories published on the Nifty Archive.

Erica Mena opted not to be their on stage, but did agree to be interviewed by executive producer Mona Scott Young one on one. When asked why she was not there, Erica said she is in a diffrent place now, and feels no need to give Rich, Cyn or Chrissy her time. Cyn is in love with her boyfriend, who made an appearance on the finale and they both said while she was with Erica, they were just friends.

Jhonni Blaze definitely lives up to her name, because from the time she stepped on stage she was on fire. Rich said his goal was never anything more than getting her career off the ground, so no love lost for him. Jhonni spoke on Rich messing with Diamond, and called her every name in the book, and tried to fight her but security escorted her off stage.

Kim is still waiting on Judy to pay her dry cleaning bill for throwing the drink on her suit lol.

TSR Exclusive: Erica Dixon Has A New Man – Only Problem Is, He’s 23 With Another Girlfriend!

I knew that this strong gummed chick looked familiar but my brain was overloaded with stories about people who are actually relevant. Well, after a little bit of digging on these internet streets, I found a little more information on this “rapper” from Compton. As we all know, groupies, ballers and rappers are like the circle of life.

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Kate looks like a man next to Anna.

Erica Dixon Shows Off Her New Boyfriend

On one hand, they should be called out, because, historically, as a privileged group, they have much to account for. The fact that proportionately more white folks are into it is more shame on us than them, I think. Would a Prius be tuned to anything BUT public radio?

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Love & Hip Hop: Rich Vs. Cyn & Erica (Argument)