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Shibuya Granbell Hotel Reasonably priced yet chic is the signature trademark of this hotel, located just minutes from Shinjuku Station and famous Shibuya Crossing intersection with its foot traffic converging from all directions when the lights change read photo op. In any case, rooms follow the popular trend of only a glass wall separating the bathroom from the sleeping area, about the only thrill offered in this budget hotel with otherwise few frills. Four Seasons at Marunouchi With only 57 rooms, this luxury property could be considered a boutique hotel, offering intimacy and great, personalized service. An ultra-contemporary property, its rooms are large and high-tech, but views from floor-to-ceiling windows are confined to surrounding buildings or bullet trains pulling in to the station. Facilities are limited to a spa with hot-spring baths, fitness gym and a farm-to-table French restaurant. But there are many pluses that make this adrenalin-charged capital both navigable and rewarding, including an efficient and excellent public transportation system, a ranking as one of the safest cities in the world, and a people who are hospitable and kind. It helps to think of Tokyo as nothing more than a patchwork of many unique and distinct neighborhoods, most with origins stretching back to the days of the shogun. Of course, you will get lost. Heck, even the Japanese get lost.

Hiking Mt. Takao as a Day Trip from Tokyo

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Nov 04,  · Harajuku Dating Paradise is new simulation game where you assume the role of a Tokyo playboy, finding cute girls on the street to take back to your hotel for some quality personal time. There are three different girls to romance in the game — a sexy housewife, an innocent girl-next-door looking for a job, and a rich “tsundere” girl with no.

The paradise islands from Okinawa. Just a 3 hour flight from Tokyo, it makes a perfect escape for the local tourists, and for those with time who venture to explore other parts of Japan. Entrance to Ryukyu Mura in Okinawa. Day 1 From Haneda airport early in the morning to Naha airport in the main island of Okinawa. First thing after landing was to search for a rental car. The fastest and easiest way to explore the island.

Inside Ryukyu Mura park, the tropical scene helps to get in the mood. Snakes and the things they ate. That sensation was left behind as soon as we left the city of Naha. Out first destination was Ryukyu Mura, a theme park of Okinawan culture and traditions. Inmersed into the theme park and Okinawan traditions it helped to understand their culture a bit more.

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Jiufen Did you know that Jiufen was the inspiration behind Spirited Away? A little town set on the hill, Jiufen is full of old-world charm – look down from a vantage point, and admire the rows of houses, rolling hills, and the coast beneath you. In Jiufen, you must visit Jiufen Old Street – stall after stall of food, snacks, and other paraphernalia. Jostle with fellow tourists as you walk past stalls selling pineapple tarts, street food, and souvenir shops.

Along the old street are many snaking side paths – I was wandered along the houses, climbed up a flight of stairs, before I found myself emerging in the old street again!

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Harajuku Street girls called suwarinbo gyaru—which means gyaru—girls—who sit around checking out prospective customers—are rapidly increasing in number in the Harajuku area. They sit in front of shops, appearing to do nothing in particular. With the Tokyo Olympics three years away, various initiatives are currently underway in the capital to clean up adult entertainment. The first thing that disappeared as a result were the tachinbo, or women standing on the street.

They were standing around as if they were waiting to meet friends but would begin negotiating when a man approached them. Information spread on tachinbos on bulletin boards and Twitter, and middle-aged men who like young girls are now going hunting in Harajuku. I decided to check out Harajuku myself.

The Greatness of Japanese Gyaru

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Kotomi is currently freelancing, and looking for work. She is an average girl who is easily carried away by others, but honest at heart.

If you want to see how he loves to meet women in Japan then check out Japan Cupid. You can check out my Japan Cupid review here. There is never a dull day in Japan. At times, it can feel like being in a parallel universe. The dating scene might initially seem different from other countries, but with a little patience, you will meet some Japanese girls. What Are Japanese Girls Like?

Japanese women are known worldwide for their exotic looks. The classic Japanese beauty has pale skin with jet black hair, although there is a lot of variety in terms of looks.

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This strange academy, known as Eiden Academy, is the setting of Edelweiss, a tale of laughs and tears shared between the heroines, who lived their lives free of men on this island, and Haruma Kazushi, one of the silly boys who came here to score. This is an all-new game which picks up where Edelweiss ended. The heroines of this new story are Takase Sakura and Fujisaki Rin, two background characters who dominated the popularity polls and conquered the original heroines.

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton ‘s relationship continues to get more serious, but there’s one person who isn’t too happy with Blake’s involvement with Gwen’s kids: A source tells E! News that Gwen’s ex-husband doesn’t want his kids, Kingston Rossdale, Zuma Rossdale and Apollo Rossdale, getting close with the country crooner. Unfortunately, the divorce has caused a “bit of bad blood” to run through both Gwen and Gavin, a second source explains.

Over the past few months, Gwen’s kids have gotten close with Blake and have learned to “love him,” although that’s hard for Gavin to bear. Once cameras stopped rolling, an eyewitness told E! News that Blake grabbed Gwen’s hand as they relaxed and took their gear off on the stage. He looked at her like he is crazy about her. According to the documents, obtained by E!

News, Gwen was to keep all the rights to her music from No Doubt, while Gavin would keep the rights to his Bush music. Gwen would also have complete control over her fashion lines, L. B profits in a trust, presumably for their three kids. Neither would receive child or spousal support and agreed to share joint legal and physical custody.

109 Best Japanese Festivals

Fight, win, and change your destiny! Far from being a model student, Yumina skirts the precarious line between barely passing and failing hard. One day, a young man named Akashima Ayumu transfers into her class.

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Course includes unlimited shabu shabu and sukiyaki meat, vegetables and sauces. Wander around and explore the many rooms. Call ahead for reservations Nearest Station: The dinner menu at this funky HK canteen includes shrimp gyoza, Hong Kong style shumai, deep-fried daikon, spring rolls, noodles and five other dim sum varieties. Leslie Cheung provides the BGM. Ebisu Hong Kong Shokudo is represented by letter “K” on the map to the right.

Choose from over dishes including staples such as prawns in chili sauce, cucumber and chicken salad, fried rice, gomoku soba, spring rolls, beef and tofu stirfry, etc. Branch in Yokohama too. A wide selection of freshly made dim sum is available all day long; there’s also a big a la carte menu plus assorted dinners and all-you-can-eat specials. The room won’t win any interior decorating awards, but the cooking is solid, the service pleasant and professional.

Reservations are a good idea.

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